Company Background

The team at Elite Integrations are EPoS software veterans. We’ve been developing EPoS solutions for over 20 years. All of the staff have previously worked for major accounts software vendors, such as Sage and Pegasus, which means we totally understand the back-office systems that our POS integrates with. Our developers have previously written and supported the Pegasus EPoS, APS PayPoint and SagePOS solutions and in fact worked with retail systems and cash registers well before EPoS came about.

Our Skills

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Why Choose Elite Integrations

We are a fast-growing company and our latest POS solution “Elite POS” was built from the ground up in 2015, which means it uses the very latest technology and design principals. We don’t get bogged down in big company politics. This means we are very agile; moving and adapting to the needs of our customers quickly. You will find that our EPoS looks extremely modern, it is intuitive and fast to use, with minimal training required and has a huge list of features that you can cherry pick from, to suit the needs of your business.

How We Work

We supply our software through a network of experienced partners/resellers.  Generally speaking a partner in your local area will work with you to deliver the Elite POS system, although if you already work with an existing accounts software partner, they may already work with Elite and can provide you with our solutions. We’ve worked with many of our partners for over 10 years and they therefore have a huge amount of experience in making sure the EPoS works well in your business.  We are UK based, but have partners and customers in the UK, Ireland and South Africa.