With over 20 years’ experience in integrating EPoS solutions to Pegasus Account Solutions (Opera 16, Opera 2, Opera 3 and Opera 4) Elite provide a powerful, flexible and comprehensive integration with Operas’ Financials and Commercials modules.

You have already invested in, or are looking to implement, Pegasus Opera with its comprehensive financials, commercials and report functionality. Whilst other POS systems have their own proprietary stock, customer and pricing modules, Elite utilises the existing functionality available in Opera, rather than attempting to re-create it. Your business then has a single system for customer, stock and pricing management and a fast, easy to use POS solution for transacting with customers in-store, or on the telephone.

How The Integration Works

Elites POS modules extracts sales ledger information, product details, stock levels and pricing from Opera and synchronises this with the tills. Tills can then trade online, or offline should network or internet issues occur.

The EPoS is then able to carry out sales/refunds, make enquiries on customer accounts or products, take payments on account and many other actions. These EPoS transactions are passed immediately back to Opera where they are posted as Sales Invoices, Stock Movements and Cash Book Postings.   Alternatively, transactions can be batched into summarised postings (daily for example) if only summary information is required in Opera.

Please take a moment to view some of our screenshots and product videos to see how this works, or CONTACT US to arrange a no-obligation demonstration with one of our resellers.

Why Elite’s Opera Integration is Better Than Others

Other vendors advertise “Opera Integration” from their EPoS solution, but when you look into the detail, the reality often falls well short.

With many systems, transactions from EPoS to Sage are often summarised or posted as overnight batches. You therefore lose vital details captured at the till, which are important for accurate reporting, forecasting, cash reconciliation and stock replenishment. This process may also be a manual export/import of files. Elite POS automatically posts transactions in full detail, in near real-time (if required). You therefore have detailed POS transactional data from within Opera at any time, with no user interaction required.

Also consider the level of Opera data that is made available to the EPoS solution. Again, many software vendors often talk of “integration”, but do look at the detail behind this. Elite’s Opera integration passes sales ledger accounts, in including trading terms, special price lists, full product details such as pricing bands and item profile information. This is all configurable to meet the needs of your business without the high costs associated with bespoke solutions.

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