How long does it take to lose a customer?

By April 27, 2015 February 25th, 2020 EPoS Hardware, EPoS Software

A report carried out recently by our hardware vendor Box Technologies, shows that we now spend, on average, one year, two weeks and a day stuck in shop queues. This just goes to show the importance of running efficient in-store EPoS solutions.

– 41% of UK shoppers also consider leaving the queue for a till and cancelling their purchase
– 86% of those surveyed say they avoid stores if the feel a queue may be too long
– 83% feel that fast moving queues are a vital part of their shopping experience
– 76% say that retailers should be doing more to reduce these queues
– 74% say they would prefer to shop in a competitors store if they felt queuing times were lower
– 70% would be less likely to return to the store after experiencing long waits

Elite Integrations provide highly efficient POS solutions that you can rely upon. They are easy to operate and allow fast transaction throughput, which in turn reduces customer wait times.

With integrated card payments, Elite’s POS software further reduces transaction times and with contactless payments and cashback, customers further benefit from the latest payment technologies.

Arming your staff with the latest mobile tablets, WiFi card solutions and wireless receipt printers, frees your staff from the counter; enables better interaction with customers and queue busting.

Contact Elite Integrations today to find out how we can reduce your queues and allow your business to become more efficient.