Although the Elite POS has been traditionally used in Retail, Trade Counter and other customer facing environments, it is also becoming popular in businesses with a mail order or telephone order department. Think of Elite POS as a very fast way of processing customer orders into a back-office accounting system, rather than using slow and complex Sales Order Processing systems to server customers.

To further support Elite being used in these environments, Elite have partnered with Sage Pay to offer integration from the POS to Sage’s Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO) card payment solution.

Mail Order / Telephone orders are quickly processed through Elite POS and the card payment details are input straight into the till screen. Authorisation is quickly processed over an internet connection and all receipts are printed immediately.

If you have an existing SagePay account, it takes only a few moments to link this to Elite POS.  The payment process is simple:

  • Key in the order on the EPoS
  • Transaction total appears on screen
  • Customer details are keyed into Elite
  • Transaction is quickly authorised over the internet
  • Receipts printed on the till printer and/or emailed directly to the customer
  • Both sale and payment details are posted back into your accounting system