Elite have partnered with Sage Pay to offer direct integration from the POS to Sage’s “Guardian” card payment solution. SagePay Guardian is one of four card payment systems that can be used with Elite POS.

Guardian is SagePay’s “Customer Present” payment solution, designed for anyone taking face to face card payments and occasional telephone or mail order transactions. It is a fast and reliable way of processing card payments from the POS. Wired or wireless PIN pads are available, to suit any retail or hospitality environment.

Elites SagePay Guardian integration enables staff to take payment directly inside the EPoS application, rather than re-keying the transaction amount into a separate device. Payment can be taken via Chip & PIN, Swiped Card, Contactless or ApplePay. This allows you to cut queues, eliminate mis-keying and prevent costly human error. The transaction process is simple:

  • Key in the order on the EPoS
  • Transaction total appears on the PIN Pad
  • Cardholder parks or presents their card
  • Transaction is quickly authorised over the internet
  • Card and transaction receipts printed on the till printer
  • Both sale and payment details are posted back into your accounting system