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RewardPot from Elite Integrations is an integrated marketing/membership database and communication platform with a vouchers/loyalty engine. Fully integrated with Elite’s POS Suite, our easy-to-use system is all you need to maintain a database of your customers/members, manage and report on the data, track transactions and points, issue reward vouchers and send filtered promotional communication campaigns to them. Your micro-site will be instantly available at, but you can specify your own domain if you prefer. Here your members can also register themselves, update their details, claim reward vouchers.

In RewardPot customers collect points when transacting with you in-store or online, which can redeemed as a discount when visiting your store again. Rules can be setup in the system to reward customers for other actions such as completing their details on their member account, or automatically on their birthday.

Alternatively, vouchers can be issued to members directly. Members receive an email/text message with their unique voucher codes. These voucher code can be redeemed in-store or online and when a voucher code is used it cannot be used again.Vouchers are worth whatever you want them to be. For example they can be used for a discount or a fee add-on product. Vouchers can be set to automatically award when a member’s points balance reaches a certain level, this way the system ‘runs itself’.

Build Loyalty & Communicate Effectively

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Standard Features

  • Advanced Promotions and Marketing Engine
  • Full integrated with Elite’s POS solution
  • Members collect points against till transactions
  • Members redeem points for discounts
  • Send marketing emails to members
  • Online Loyalty Dashboard and Reports
  • Membership Groups and Tiers
  • Transactions Database and Advanced Reporting
  • Create/Edit/Remove members from Elite POS
  • Your own micro-site for members
  • Your own branding
  • Marketing and voucher  templates
  • Print membership cards and vouchers
  • Autoresponder emails
  • SMS and Email marketing functionality
  • Online points statements for members
  • Cloud based, fully secure hosted solution
  • No long contracts. Pay monthly
  • Free no obligation trial (10 members)

The customer sign-up process

Build your member database with various options – ask people to register at the point of sale, directly through your dedicated micro-site, import existing customers/members via spreadsheet, or simply add them one at a time via our web forms.

Once registered your new members can be issued with traditional membership cards, or they can identify themselves online or in-store via their personal details.

Our flexible membership numbering system allows you to decide how to identify each customer, either through automated numbering or using your own pre-determined numbers. You can even use their mobile number as a membership number if you choose.

Collecting loyalty points

RewardPot has a transactions and promotions engine that automatically awards points to your customers each time they transact with you or interact in-store or online. You decide which actions get rewarded, or how many points to award per transaction.

If you are using our automated points engine, each time a customer transacts with you they can earn a specified amount of points. This engine allows you to determine special points values for certain date ranges, customer groups/tiers and products or product ranges. You have full control over how many points to award, and can also manually amend or award these as required.

Redeeming points and discounts

Members can use their points to redeem as a discount value in-store. Elite POS holds a points to £’s value so you have full control. Alternatively, members can redeem points online by selecting from a list of vouchers such as discount vouchers, free or discounted products. Built-in rules allow you to fine control such as minimum spends, included/excluded products etc.

There is no limit to what you can use vouchers for to motivate your members. Use them as discount vouchers, for prizes or promotions, for competition entries and more.

Vouchers are automatically issued unique codes that can be stored online for access by the members, on mobiles or printed out.


Communicating with your members is key to program growth and sustainability. Use powerful filters to segment your member list into focused communication campaigns. Build templates for mobile, email and print campaigns, or use our pre-built templates.

Instantly deploy your very own micro-site or ‘Member Zone’ with its own web address. Control the colours, branding and wording – as well as which functions your members can access. Members can register directly via this micro-site and view points/statements and select reward vouchers.

This reward and loyalty cycle can lead to repeat business and viral referrals from your customers to their friends. Our integrated social networking triggers will give them ample opportunity to tweet, blog and post their happiness, which could lead to more members signing up and shopping with you.

Reports and Dashboard

As your database grows you will use our dashboard, reports and toolbox to manage your data. Elite POS posts transactions to your RewardPot database  automatically in real-time. Pull reports and view dashboard summaries of all your members, points and transactions.

Example Reports:

  • Top Members by Points
  • Top Members by Transaction Value
  • Signups By Day
  • Points Issued / Redeemed
  • Vouchers Issued / Expiring / Redeemed
  • Vouchers Not Redeemed
  • Refer a Friend Activity


Silver Plan: £29.99 per month

  • Includes first 2000 members
  • Can be installed on any number of tills
  • Can be installed at any number of branches

Gold Plan: £49.99 per store per month

  • Includes first 2000 Members (per branch)
  • Can be installed on any number of tills
  • Use your own domain name
  • Advanced reporting by branch/store
  • Advanced user access control
  • Removes all RewardPot branding
  • Control all website wording

Additional Costs (applies to silver/gold plans)

  • Extra members: 5p per member/month
  • SMS Marketing: 5p per SMS

Build Loyalty & Communicate Effectively

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